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Delphiq undertakes projects that range in scale from local to truly global.

Our bespoke software and Internet solutions will streamline your operations, freeing you up to grow your business...


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Since the early ‘90s Delphiq has worked with Air BP, processing thousands of airline fuel billing transactions...



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Support will be provided by someone  who knows your business and your systems and is empowered problem-solve...


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Since the early ‘90s Delphiq has worked with Air BP, processing millions of airline fuel billing transactions. The data we handle is critical to our clients’ operations, so it is vital that our service is ROBUST and that downtime is virtually eliminated. Anyone can uphold an SLA when things are running smoothly; we pride ourselves on upholding ours even when the going gets rough.

We are lean and efficient; small enough to be nimble and not be bogged down in needless corporate process, yet large and flexible enough to cope.

Data Operations

Technology and systems have changed and evolved significantly over the last quarter of a century and we have adapted, updated and evolved to continue to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our systems allow Air BPs global invoicing operations to run smoothly; we provide the interface between data collected at hundreds of sites around the world, and Air BP’s invoicing systems.

We provide help and guidance for those based in offices around the world and in the UK.

The computers required to process this data are located at our offices in Buckinghamshire and we provide status information and reports to our clients via the Internet and via email.


By running your business on our secure and robust servers you will maximise your uptime. We host your IT needs so that you can run your business.

Servers are located at our offices where we have dedicated communications links. We maintain one local and one remote off-site backup, ensuring we are in a position to switch operational locations within hours should we need to.

It may sound simple, but any system we maintain has to remain current, yet operate with legacy systems that may no longer be supported by the originators. We bring our expertise to the fore in maintaining operations for our clients, seamlessly and invisibly. We just get on with it.





We don’t have call centres where pre-determined scripts are followed.

Your support will be provided by one of our team who knows your business and your systems and just as importantly is empowered to listen, think, act, and solve problems.

Support and Disaster Recovery

Technical support forms a part of our ongoing relationship with our clients. Our team based in the UK support users locally and globally, both with software and operational support. You choose the best available support medium: phone, internet, email, video, face-to-face…


Disaster Averted

One Christmas day over a decade ago, the offices of a client on a different continent were burgled; at the time the computers were based locally and we accessed them remotely. After they were stolen, within 24 hours we had replacement equipment up running and processing data as normal at our offices in the UK.

Truly, a disaster averted!

Support summary

Our support team is located in the UK and can be accessed by phone, email, support portal, or via this website (just sign-in as an existing customer), you choose what is best for you. We promise no noisy call centres and that we will, if at all possible, help!


We’ll be as responsive as you, our customer, need us to be, so:

- Agree a service level agreement (SLA) up front.

- We then implement it.




Delphiq undertakes projects that range in scale from local to truly global.

Our systems efficiently schedule and track domiciliary care workers in Hampshire, manage fleet asset-financing and feed worldwide airline fuel movements through to invoicing and stock control systems.

Our bespoke software and Internet solutions will streamline your operations, freeing you up to grow your business.

Data Capture

One of our systems allows users, across the globe, to capture data simply, accurately and securely. The system is naturally intuitive, and servers as a primary system for many locations and further as a disaster backup system for many 100s more.

Being a cloud based solution, all any user needs is access to a standard internet browser, and a secure username and password - that's it, ready to go.

Asset Management System

A data asset logging information application operated via the Internet, enabling our client and their customers to perform data entry, maintenance and reporting functions, enabling them to manage the details of their agreements online, simply and effectively.

Disaster Avoidance

One of our clients made us aware of a potentially disastrous situation whereby a fairly old server was critical for very significant national retail operations. Should anything have happened to that server there was no spare and there was just one individual that knew how to recreate it. A very exposed position to be in.

Delphiq has now gathered the information required to recreate the server’s functionality, built an upgraded server which is now running at their site and also a duplicate backup housed at our offices which can take over seamlessly if needed. We have documented the build process and our client is now assured of continued revenue should the main server fail.

Another client has recently asked us to provide a backup solution to a critical business procedure, which we did on time and to specification. The facility lies waiting with minimal maintenance, in readiness to be turned on at a moment’s notice, enabling up to 600 users to continue their work.

Domiciliary Care Management

Our domiciliary care worker scheduling system, allows non-IT specialists to manage a constantly fluctuating number of employees with different shift and geographical working patterns, matching employees and their skill sets with clients whose needs are equally diverse.

The system enables team leaders and managers to have a constant overview of operations enabling them to know who is supposed to be where, and what they should be doing - and to make instant changes. Finally the system enables them to complete and verify the work that has been carried out prior to creating invoices for individual clients and organisations.


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